Tech Mesh London 2012

Adam Granicz, F# MVP, Author of 4x F# book, CEO of IntelliFactory

Adam Granicz

Biography: Adam Granicz

Adam Granicz is a long-time F# insider and key community member, and the co-author of four F# books, including Expert F# 3.0 with Don Syme, the designer of the language. His company IntelliFactory specializes in consulting on the most demanding F# projects; shaping the future of the development of F# web, mobile and cloud applications; and developing WebSharper, the most mature web and mobile development framework for F#. You can reach him at granicz.adam {at}, follow him on Twitter at @granicz, or find him on FPish, the largest online functional programming community. 

Presentation: Developing and Integrating WebSharper Applications with Facebook

Track: Gaming & Social Media / Time: Tuesday 11:35 - 12:25 / Location: Library

In this talk, I will present some of the work we are doing at IntelliFactory to enable creating mobile and web applications with F# that can interface with social networks such as Facebook. I will demonstrate how using various functional programming techniques one can develop a simple web application in F# that can be run in the browser, in a mobile app and as part of a Facebook page - all from the same code base. This work leverages our open source WebSharper framework, the main web and mobile development framework for F#. WebSharper provides powerful functional programming abstractions that enable modeling first-class, type-safe, composable web applications and user interfaces. It automates the translation of client-side F# code to JavaScript.

Talk objectives: The talk aims to demonstrate the use of functional web programming abstractions and how WebSharper enables creating web and mobile applications in F# in a succinct and robust way.

Target audience: Developers, Application architects, IT Managers and Decision Makers.