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Lars Kroll Kristensen, Entrepreneur and game developer at Unity Studios

Lars Kroll Kristensen

Biography: Lars Kroll Kristensen

LarsKroll Kristensen holds an Msc in CS and multimedia from Århus University. Hewas the founder and CEO of Runestone game development. Aftera brief period as self employed consultent, he became the technical director ofÅrhus based Unity studios, a game consulting company.

Presentation: Bushido, and the art of staying sane in the game development business

Track: Creating a Cool Company / Time: Monday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Kammermusiksalen, Musikhuset

Lars Kroll wil talk about the rise and fall of Runestone game development, and how the experiences gained in that company has helped him in his current job, and in succeeding in an exceptionally tough business.