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Lúcio Ferrão, Principal Architect at OutSystems

Lúcio Ferrão

Biography: Lúcio Ferrão

Lúcio Ferrão is one of the OutSystems founders in the role of Principal Architect, responsible for the design of the OutSystems Agile Platform since 2001. He is a 37 years old software architect that loves to code. His passion for simple approaches and reduction of complexity are critical to break down complex challenges and teaching others to achieve success in the software industry. The Agile Platform ( is the best example of a such approach. It represents the dream custom development platform for many IT professionals that prefer to invest in business results over coding challenges.

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Presentation: It's more than just the language

Track: End-user Programming / Time: Tuesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Lille Sal, Musikhuset

Business wants to "get things done", while IT struggles with maintenance, integration, scalability, security, and lack of resources. Learn how a visual language can help IT become more responsive and support this tremendous demand for change. But a cool language is only a starting point. You also need an integrated environment that supports the full life-cycle of application development - it’s not just about fast coding, it’s about changing and delivering at the speed of business.

Keywords: Visual Language, knowledge transfer, integrated development environment, application life-cycle, productivity, enterprise

Target audience: developers and IT managers looking for enterprise development tools and languages, business users who like Access and Excel