GOTO is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 90 top speaker and 1300 attendees. The conference cover topics such as .Net, Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture and Design, Web, Cloud, New Languages and Processes

GOTO Prague 2011 Registration

Registration is closed.

Price reductions are always relative to the list price. It is not possible to combine different price reductions. 

Group Discount (+5)

Do you plan to attend theConference together with your colleges this year? Below you can see the group tickets details.

Paying Participants Free Tickets
up to 4 -
5 to 9 1
10 to 19 2
20 to 34 5
35 to 39 10
40+ unlimited


GOTO Prague supports students with special entry fees of EUR 160 for both days of the conference and EUR 250 for the tutorial day:

- if you have an official student ID
- if you are studying for your first higher education qualification
- if you are not older than 26 years (birth year 1984)

then please send a copy of your ID card + official university student ID card as a PDF to gotoprague[at]
Afterwards we will send you a special voucher code which allows you to register under the student fee.


The GOTO conference organization does only support Visa's for Eastern European countries including Russia, Ukraina, Belarus. Anybody else has to obtain the visa by themeselves.

Privacy Policy

The GOTO conference organization use the informationyou provide during the registration for the conference only. We do notsell or in any other way let third parties get access.

The conference mailing list receives up-to-date information on the JAOOconferences and closely related events. Should you wish to stopreceiving this information by email, just let us know and we willremove your email from the conference mailing list.

Cancellation and Purchase

Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.

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