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August 18 (15% discount)
EUR 2,516.-
DKK 18,710.-
EUR 2,215.-
DKK 16,470.-
EUR 1,615.-
DKK 11,995.-
EUR 603.-
DKK 4,475.-
EUR 342.-
DKK 2,545.-
EUR 17.-
DKK 130.-
After August 18 EUR 2,960.-
DKK 22,010.-
EUR 2,606.-
DKK 19,375.-
EUR 1,899.-
DKK 14,115.-
EUR 709.-
DKK 5,265.-
EUR 402.-
DKK 2,990.-
EUR 20.-
DKK 150.-

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Note that a discount is given for conference and full tutorials.

Exhibition pass gives admittance to the exhibition area only. The exhibition takes place Monday to Wednesday. If you register for the conference or tutorials the exhibition pass is included.

If you register more than one participant at a time (in the same day) the surcharge of 15% price after August 18 does not apply. If you are using this option, please choose invoice as payment method. This discount cannot be combined with other offers.

DKK prices are final. The EUR prices are subject to change, depending on the actual exchange rate. Danish customers please add 25% VAT.

Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.