HTML5 Live New York City, NY November 1, 2011

Eric Newcomer, Chief Architect, Investment Bank at Credit Suisse

Eric Newcomer

Biography: Eric Newcomer

I've been involved with computers since 1975 and professionally since 1978, primarily in the area of online tranasction processing. I was also involved in Web services from the beginning, contributing to several specifications and related industry initiatives. After completing the initial part of the new release of the OSGi specifications (R4.2), I'm going to work for Credit Suisse in New York as an integration architect in the CTO department. Specialties

Database management, transaction processing, Web services, SOA, OSGi

Presentation: HTML5 in the Enterprise: A Panel Discussion

Track: Architect Track / Time: Tuesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Room 2

Panel Name: HTML5 in the Enterprise

Panel Objectives: HTML5 is of great interest to Web developers and architects and has far reaching impact in the enterprise; come hear a panel of senior financial services technology experts:

  • Discuss market disruptions or customer trends that necessitate the need to evaluate HTML5 and the new capabilities it promises to deliver in order to differentiate service offerings or cut IT costs.
  • Discuss potential risks and pitfalls one may encounter in the process.
  • Discuss technologies within HTML5 that may have the most impact in enterprise architecture.