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James Lewis

When: 29. Aug 2013 at 19:00 -


GOTO Night: James Lewis presents Managing Micro - distributed systems and your infrastructure

We invite you to an interesting GOTO Night on behalf of GOTO Berlin.

Date Thursday, August 29, 2013
Time 19:00 / 7PM 
Venue/Host CO.UP
Address Adalbertstr. 8, 10999 Berlin
Cost Free of charge
Snacks & refreshments included

Managing Micro - distributed systems and your infrastructure by James Lewis

The trend towards fine grained SOA and micro-services is having an impact on how we design and code systems. As we move towards developing applications composed of small services we are "pushing accidental complexity into our infrastructure" (Martin Fowler). While this has benefits in terms of maintainability and replaceability it also raises questions about our ability to manage large numbers of small applications in production.

This talk explores some of the real world difficulties encountered in testing, deploying and managing many small applications as well as examining  strategies to balance the opportunities of microservices and "design for replaceability" with the costs of managing many applications in production.

Speaker: James Lewis, Principal Consultant ThoughtWorks

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