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Troels Richter, Agile Coach, Trifork Software Pilot and Micropreneur

Troels Richter

Biography: Troels Richter

Troels Richter has worked as a developer, Scrum Master, team leader and Agile Coach at Trifork through the last 6 years. His experience from many different kind of roles and projects has made him see that agility is more than methods and processes - It’s a way of living.

“Time is the most valuable asset in life and we have to continuously improve our way of thinking to gain the most of it. This applies if you are working as a developer in a team, as a CEO of a big company or a father in a small family.”

His interest in personal development is outlived in his small spare time startup The goal is to improve your effectiveness through simple tools like and

Twitter: @troelsrichter

Presentation: Personal productivity - Part I

Track: Personal Productivity / Time: Wednesday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Store Sal, BORA BORA

Your Personal KanBan

Troels Richter
I’m afraid that too many of us waste our time and effort doing things that adds too little value or sometimes no value at all. The goal of this talk is to convince you that you can add more value to life by visualizing your workflow. That you will learn what personal kanban is, the meaning behind it and how it can be used to improve your workflow and effectiveness. And at last that you will try visualize your workflow when you leave this room and start gaining more value from life.


Coffee, Tea, or Agile?

Linda Rising
Some observers of historical trends have suggested that the Industrial Revolution could not have happened without coffee and tea. Heating water for a daily jolt of caffeine enabled workers to be more in control of their waking hours and also to have longer lives because drinking water that has been boiled means the consumer is less likely to swallow the toxic soup that early water supplies presented for consumption. Control of working and waking is what the Industrial Age was all about. Is it time for a truly agile approach to how we work and live our lives? What would that mean? No coffee/tea/Diet Coke/Red Bull? What are the real penalties we are paying for force fitting Industrial Age (plan-driven) living into agile development? Is there really a way to have it all? What's the best way to be happy and healthy and productive?