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Phillip Wills, Software Architect for Guardian News and Media

Phillip Wills

Biography: Phillip Wills

Phil Wills is a software architect for Guardian News and Media. He doesn't believe it's possible to do this well without regularly writing code. Phil has been heavily involved in many of the Guardian's digital products including a major rebuild of the infrastructure behind, the integration of its print and web production systems and the Open Platform Content API which provides access to all of the Guardian's current and historical web content.

Twitter: @philwills

Presentation: The Guardian's Content Web API

Track: Web as a platform / Time: Tuesday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Store Sal, BORA BORA

The stated aim of The Guardian is to become the "worlds leading liberal voice". In order to achieve this global aim our technology vision has to change, we need to become far more open and engaged with a wider variety of users than visit our core website,

In this talk I will describe how The Guardian's Open Platform ( came into being & discuss some of the design principles that were adopted & decisions that were made when building the Guardian's API.

The talk is not primarily technical, but will feature a brief overview of the technologies that are used to power the system, including Apache Solr, EC2 & Scala.

I will focus particularly on the "What happened next" story of our API, and discuss how it has both changed the way we develop software internally, as well as the changes that it has made to the way our business interacts with it's partners & users.

Keywords: APIs, open data, Solr, decoupled development, Mashery
What you will learn: What to consider when opening up your business. API design. How an API can reduce your internal development costs & increase innovation
Target audience: Those interested in building APIs, or interested in developing software with the Guardian. Those interested in opening up their company data to the world