HTML5 Live New York City, NY November 1, 2011

Presentation: "HTML5 & ChromeOS - A true friendship"

Track: Architect Track / Time: Tuesday 13:30 - 14:20 / Location: Room 2


In this talk we will dive into some of the new features that HTML5 provide today that empower enterprises.  We will see how ChromeOS is promoting HTML5 and harnessing business and developers with more power to create web applications that leverage more capabilities.

Jan Kleinert, Developer Advocate, Google Chrome

Jan Kleinert

Biography: Jan Kleinert

Jan is a Developer Advocate for Google Chrome. Over the past three years at Google, she has also supported developers using Google Checkout, Google Docs, and Apps Script. Prior to joining Google, she worked in developer support and software engineering roles in the financial services and computer networking industries.