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Necessity is the mother of Erlang

Host: Kresten Krab

When: 18. May 2015 at 16:30 - 18:30

Where: Systematic A/S, Søren Frichs Vej 39, 8000 Aarhus C


Today, we are increasingly faced with requirements to build systems that are distributed, systems that integrate many components, and which are expected to be “always on”. Once launched, it is often the expectations that systems are available 24x7 for all eternity. Erlang was built 20+ years ago to create such always-on systems, and we can all learn a great deal from Erlang the language and Erlang’s ways of working.

The concepts from Erlang are already making their way into new mainstream programming languages and toolsets. Initially (and that’s what we’re seeing now) it will be adopted piecemeal. One day however … someone will succeed in pulling together a new “full package” without Erlang’s flaws. Right now, contender for this “full package” solution includes Rust and Elixir; and while Go and Scala/Akka are also in the game, those don’t have enough of the "right stuff” in them in my personal opinion. They may well conquer the world nonetheles.

Kresten Krab Thorup is CTO of Trifork, a public Danish company providing software solutions to government and financial services providers. Trifork is also creator of the long-running GOTO conferences (formerly known as JAOO) and co-creator of QCon. As Trifork CTO, Kresten is responsible for technical strategy and spends most of histime acting as internal consultant, researching future technologies as well as being editor of GOTO and QCon conferences. Kresten has also been a principal contributor to Trifork's own Java EE certified application server "Trifork T4", where he authored many core elements.

Kresten has been a contributor to several open source projects, including GCC, GNU Objective-C, GNU Compiled Java, Emacs, and Apache Geronimo/Yoko. Before joining Trifork, Kresten worked at NeXT Software (now acquired by Apple) where he was responsible for the development of the Objective-C tool chain, the debugger and the runtime system.
Kresten was on the committee for JSR-14 (adding generics to Java), which was closely related to the subject of his Ph.D. thesis.

More recently, Kresten has been hacking Erlang projects and founded the Erjang open source project (notice the J there), a virtual machine for Erlang running on the Java Virtual Machine, as well as several smaller open source packages for Erlang.

Lastly, Kresten is member of GOTO Denmark Program Advisory Board and holds a Ph.D. in computer science from University of Aarhus.


Price: Free

Language: English

Contact: Benedikte Schaltz




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