When: 12. May 2011 at 19:15 -


UserGroupMeeting: Scrum Cph. Kickoff

Speaker: Dan North

Dan has been writing software for over 15 years, and is a principal consultant with technology consultancy ThoughtWorks. He spends his time helping teams become more effective at delivering software, and presents at conferences such as JAOO, Agile and OOPSLA on topics ranging from learning theory to behaviour-driven development. He has published articles in the Java Developers' Journal and Better Software, and for CIO newsletters and the DSDM consortium.

Presentation: Why your Agile roll-out is failing

You read the books. You went to the talks. You even paid for the 3 day course. Then you rolled out Agile across the organization. What could possibly go wrong?

Why, after 18 months, are you not seeing the better-faster-cheaper results they guaranteed you? And where can you get your money back?

Rather than paying for yet another Agile consultant to come in and tell you how you're doing it all wrong, come along to Dan's talk about the most common failure modes he encounters in Agile adoption.


You might pick up some tips for how to start putting things right, and if not at least you'll know that everyone else is making the same mistakes as you.


Small print: Timescales may appear smaller in hindsight than they actually were. Neither better, faster nor cheaper is guaranteed. No refunds are available on Agile snake-oil.

This ScrumForum Kickoff is taking place during GOTO Copenhagen 2011

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