• Patrick Copland, the guy who save Google 700 Engineering years, is coming to speak at GOTO Copenhagen 2011
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Training: May 9-10 // Conference: May 11-13, 2011

GOTO Copenhagen is an international software development conference with 2 days of training and 3 conference days providing over 70+ presentation sessions by leading experts and authors. Some of our speakers include:

Patrick Copeland, Google Senior Director of Engineering who saved Google 700 engineering years
Cameron Purdy, VP of Developement Oracle, Founder of Coherence Data Grid Product
Dan North, Agile Expert and Originator of BDD
Rebecca Parsons, CTO ThoughtWorks
Jez Humble, Author of "Continuous Delivery"
Steve Freeman, Pioneer of Agile
Ola Bini, Language Geek
Mark Seemann, Creator of AutoFixture; Author of "Dependency Injection in .NET"
Simon Brown, Founder of "Coding the Architecture"
David Anderson, Kanban Expert

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Conference Topics & Tracks:

Agile and Teams: Lean and Kanban, Agile from the Outside, and Dev and Ops

Architecture and Cases: REST Architectures, Cloud and NoSQL and IT in the World

Languages: New and Awesome in .NET, Future of Java, Upcoming Languages, and Clojure

Trends and Hot Stuff:  Iconoclasts: Entertaining Rants, Mobile Development, Programming with the Stars, and HTML5, JavaScript and Future of Web