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GOTO Night: Elasticsearch

Host: Alexander Reelsen & Luca Cavanna

When: 18. Mar 2014 at 19:00 - 22:00

Where: Wooga Auditorium, Saarbrücker Straße 38, 10405 Berlin


We invite you to an interesting GOTO Night with

Date March 18, 2014
Time 19:00 / 7PM
Venue Wooga Auditorium
Address Saarbrücker Straße 38, 10405 Berlin (custom Google-Map)
Cost Free of charge
Snacks & refreshments included
Speaker Alexander Reelsen, Luca Cavanna

"Using Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana to create real-time dashboards" by Alexander Reelsen 

Elasticsearch is often perceived as a pure full-text search engine. However, another very important and popular use case is centralized logging and log management, especially in combination with Logstash. The last piece of this puzzle is Kibana, a visual analytics engine. 

Alexander Reelsen

After a brief introduction into each of the three products, we will leave the theoretical behind and build a dashboard which gets its data fed from a real time HTTP stream.

Alexander Reelsen is a software engineer at Elasticsearch. After spending many years with mostly Java based web frameworks and even writing the Play framework cookbook, he found information retrieval much more interesting. 

He works at Elasticsearch on the development team. His other interests include the JVM (concurrency and scalability), DevOps, metrics and still current web technology.

Twitter: @spinscale

You can download the presentation here

„Elasticsearch 1.0: Exploring the New Features“ by Luca Cavanna

Elasticsearch has reached 1.0 with many new exciting features including backup & restore, aggregations, and many other smaller changes. I'd like to introduce what's new on real life examples and show what they can be used for.

Elasticsearch is an open-source fully distributed search engine based on Apache Lucene. In the month prior to Fosdem there should be a 1.0 release that introduces a lot of exciting features as well as other properties - backwards compatibility guarantee for example.

The talk will start with a brief introduction of what Elasticsearch is and what it can be used for. After a brief run through of the existing features we will dive into the new features, each one will be introduced and then shown in real-life code examples and live demo.
Honza Kral
Luca Cavanna joined Elasticsearch Inc as a software engineer in July 2013, where he works on the company's search product, Elasticsearch. 

Prior to joining, he spent more than a decade focused on specialized Java consulting for firms like Trifork. When not thinking about Elasticsearch, Luca specializes in Java and Apache Lucene. He lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and can often be found enjoying Indonesian food from his favorite take out place, Toko.

Twitter: @lucacavanna   

You can download the presentation here.

Win a ticket to Berlin Buzzwords

We will raffle a ticket for Berlin Buzzwords Conference, that will take place 25-28 May, between all the attendees of the GOTO Night.


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