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When: 7. Mar 2013 at 18:00 -


GOTO Night - Sjoerd Mulder & Joost van de Wijgerd hosted by Trifork

We invite you to an interesting GOTO Night on behalf of GOTO Amsterdam.

Date Thursday, March 7th, 2013
Time 18:00 / 6PM
Venue/Host Trifork
Rijnsburgstraat 9-11, Amsterdam

Costs Free of charge
Pizza & refreshments included
Speakers Sjoerd Mulder & Joost van de Wijgerd

"Within the eye of the Storm (Introduction to Storm framework)" by Sjoerd Mulder

  Sjoerd Mulder from Science Rockstars will introduce you to Storm. Science Rockstars use Storm for their product PersuasionAPI, to do real time machine learning on the data they collect. Storm makes it easy to reliably process unbounded streams of data, doing for realtime processing, what Hadoop did for batch processing. Storm was originally developed at BackType, a company that was acquired by Twitter last year which is currently using Storm internally. The session will be a brief introduction, explaining how Storm works with the help of a small example and finishing off with Q&A.

Short Bio
Sjoerd Mulder is founding architect for persuasionAPI and an all-round technology expert with interests on various areas from advanced GUI, to highly scalable SaaS solutions.Science Rockstars is a company that believes good science makes good business. Recently introduced PersuasionAPI SaaS product and already serving tens of millions of advices to her customers every week.

Download slides [PDF]

"Using Puppet, Foreman and Git to Develop and Operate a Large Scale Internet Service (in this case eBuddy)" by Joost van de Wijgerd

At eBuddy we are implementing DevOps and in this talk I would like to introduce our current
setup. We use Foreman in combination with Puppet and a Custom Git based Configuration Management solution to manage our Infrastructure and the Services running on top of it. The talk will be centered around Foreman and Puppet and I will show how we use these tools to do deployments, scale out our clusters and configure new machines on the fly. Currently we manage four different datacenters with over 400 (physical) servers using this approach. Although eBuddy is a Java shop this talk should be interesting for anybody who is interested in Automating deployments and infrastructure management and how to integrate it in your Development Process.

Short Bio
Joost has been in the Industry since 1999 and has been an early adopter of successful Open Source Enterprise Java technologies such as Hibernate and the Spring Framework. As Co-Founder of JTeam and SpringSource he has made his mark on the national and internal Enterprise Open Source Java industry. Since 2009 Joost has been at eBuddy and is currently Chief Architect and VP Operations and thus responsible for the overall architecture and operations of the eBuddy platform that serves tens of millions of unique users per month.

Download slides [PDF]

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