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GOTO Night

When: 8. Jun 2011 at 19:00 -


GOTO Night with Jim Webber

We invite you to an interesting GOTO Night on behalf of GOTO Amsterdam.

Date Wednesday, 8th June, 2011
Time 19:00 / 7PM
Venue NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky
Address Dam Square 9, 1012 JS Amsterdam, NL

Costs Free of charge
Snacks & refreshments included
Speaker Jim Webber

Our Goals

  • Present a top-notch speaker
  • Network with the Dutch IT community
  • Create awareness of GOTO Amsterdam

Jim Webber
Dr. Jim Webber is Chief Scientist with Neo Technology the company behind the popular open source graph database Neo4j, where he works on graph database server technology and writes open source software. Jim is interested in using big graphs like the Web for building distributed systems, which led him to being a co-author on the book REST in Practice, having previously written Developing Enterprise Web Services - An Architect's Guide. Jim is an active speaker, presenting regularly around the world. His blog is located at and he often tweets @jimwebber.


  • Bring your laptop
  • Download: Neo4j
  • Set up your Java environment in advance

There will be no on-site Wireless Internet available.

A Rapid Introduction to Neo4j

Neo4j is the leading graph database in the NoSQL space. It's rich data model allows us to model, query, and manipulate highly connected data far more than we've been used to in either the relational world, or in many ofthe contemporary NoSQL stores.

This talk will provide a rapid, code-focussed introduction to the brand new Neo4j 1.3 release. We'll cover the basics of graph stores, and the Neo4j APIs for manipulating and traversing graphs. We'll then use this knowledge to explore the Doctor Who universe, using graph databases to infer useful knowledge from connected, semi-structured data. Finally we'll come up the stack and think through some solution deployments for using Neo4j for enterprise and Web-grade deployments.

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