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Distributed systems using ZeroMq

Host: Vladimir Smida

When: 12. Aug 2014 at 16:30 - 18:30

Where: Trifork A/S, Margrethepladsen 4, 8000 Aarhus C


Introduction to ZeroMQ, a framework which can be described as "sockets on steroids". ZeroMQ is a open source framework which can be used for creating distributed and concurrent systems. This talk will show how to create basic distributed applications e.g. request-reply, pub-sub as well as more advanced distributed scenarios. We will also look into the inner workings of ZeroMQ, different architecture of distributed systems and the high performance of ZeroMQ.


Comiit ApS - A software company located in Aarhus, focused on software development and design. We provide professional consultancy and leading expertise in Big Data, high performance systems and Cloud solutions.

Vladimir Smida is a software developer and consultant at Comiit. He likes to think that technology is here to solve complex problems for people, not the other way around. He writes production software in .Net and Java and loves to deal with data analysis, high performance systems, distributed computing, AI and biometrics.


Fee: Free

Language: English

Contact: Benedikte Schaltz



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