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When: 1. May 2013 at 16:30 -


GOTO Night:

Handling complexity with Application Lifecycle Management

Speaker: Tatiana Badiceanu

Time: 1. Maj, 2013, kl. 16:30 – 18:30

Place: Trifork A/S, Margrethepladsen 4, 8000 Aarhus C

Contact: Tine Grarup

Fee: Free

Language: English


The rapid evolution in the software industry increases the pressure of producing quality products with short development time. These products are often very complex, must be continually adapted and are operating in global development environments. The consequences of the increasing complexity introduced challenges related to adaptability and coordination in software development. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a concept that answers these challenges by incorporating the practices, processes and tools that support the lifecycle of a software product.

This session will give an overview of the values that should build the foundation of ALM, it will clarify what are the common misunderstandings concerning ALM and what is behind the lack of deep understanding of ALM. The talk will not focus on the tools used to manage the lifecycle of software applications, but will provide insight into the evaluation criteria for ALM tools.

We will dive into the ALM experiences from three very different software projects and see what worked and didn’t worked in practice. The teams involved in these projects had different understanding of the ALM values, used different development models from the V-model to agile and different ALM tools from custom build to modern suites of tools.



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