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When: 23. Jan 2013 at 16:30 -


GOTO Night:

Hands-on Erlang

Speakers: Erik Søe & Peter Mechlenborg, Trifork

Time: 23. januar, 2013, kl. 16:30 – 18:30

Place: Trifork A/S, Margrethepladsen 4, 8000 Aarhus C

Contact: Tine Grarup

Fee: Gratis

Language: English (Danish)


Erlang provides a mature and really powerful platform for building scalable back-end systems, but is quite different from the more traditional choices, such as Java, C#, and C++. This GOTO Night will give you an opportunity to get first-hand experience with Erlang.

We believe that the best way to learn a new language is to play with it, so bring a laptop, you will need it. This will be a hands-on session, and you will be reading, writing, and running Erlang code, and since this is not a presentation everyone is encouraged to help each-other. The session is intended for experienced programmers, with minimal experience in Erlang, but Erlang wizards will be more than welcome.

_Note_, we assume that you already have Erlang R15X, some kind of code editor, and git installed. (Google for installation instructions, of follow some of the links at the bottom. If troubles occur, please send an email and we will try to do our best to assist you).

The GOTO Night is built around a small application we have build. The application is simple enough so that we can look at the code and play with it, but powerful enough so that it can show-off the Erlang platform. A small hint is that we will be creating a distributed system where we all can interact with each other.

We will provide a plan and a set of small concrete programming tasks, and then we all can help each other making them to work. It will be great fun :-). We have chosen some of the parts of Erlang we think is most interesting and provide the best basis for a interactive hands-on session, but we only have so much time and lots of stuff will not be covered.

Our goal for the GOTO Night is that everybody succeeds in:
- Playing with the Erlang shell
- Joining their laptop to a distributed Erlang cluster, consisting of all the laptops present at the GOTO Night
- Spawning an Erlang process
- Sending a message to another laptop present at the GOTO Night
- Receiving a message from another laptop
- Modifying a bot for our distributed system
- Programming in a functional language

*** Installation instructions ***

Erlang runs on Windows, but we do not have much experience with Windows. We run Linux and use Emacs for Erlang coding. We will do our best to help if Windows users encounter road-blocks.

You can get Erlang in different ways. Follow one of the links below depending on your preferences regarding platform, and source or binary installation.

Packages (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Automated source install (Linux, Mac?, Windows?)

Binaries and source (Linux, Mac, Windows) (



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