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When: 21. Aug 2012 at 19:00 -


GOTO GeekNight:

Software quality – you know it when you see it

Speaker: Erik Dörnenburg, ThoughtWorks

Time: August 21th, 2012, 19:30-22:00

Place: betahaus hamburg, Lerchenstraße 28a / Eingang Schilleroper, 22767 Hamburg

Contact: Gary Harvey or Tine Grarup

Fee: Free (Remember to cancel your registration if you are unable to participate)


Software quality has an obvious external aspect, the software should be of value to its users, but there is also a more elusive internal aspect to quality, to do with the clarity of the design, the ease with which we as technologists can understand, extend, and maintain the software. When pressed for a definition, this is where we usually end up saying “I know it when I see it.” But how can we see quality? This session explains how visualisation concepts can be applied at the right level to present meaningful information about quality. Different visualizations allow us to spot patterns, trends, and outliers. In short, they allow us to see the quality of our software. The tools and techniques shown are easy to apply on software projects and will guide the development team towards producing higher quality software.


Erik Dörnenburg is the Head of Technology Europe at ThoughtWorks where he helps clients with the design and implementation of enterprise software. With experience in Java, .NET, and other environments Erik is continually exploring new technology. Frequent exposure to overly complex software has made him interested in simple architectures and software visualisation as means to help people better understand architecture.

Erik’s career in enterprise software began in the early nineties on the NeXTSTEP platform, and throughout his career he has been an advocate of agile values and Open Source software. He holds a degree in Informatics from the University of Dortmund and has studied Computer Science and Linguistics at University College Dublin.

Erik is member of GOTO Aarhus Program Advisory Board


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