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Presentation: "Code2Cloud: Automating The Whole Software Dev/Deploy Cycle"

Track: DevOps / Time: Monday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

Software development has become a more complicated process over the last decade, due to improvements in the development process (such as Continuous Integration). A typical project will have a bug/task database, a build server, an SCM repository, some sort of documentation repository (e.g. a wiki) - there will also be a process for deploying code out to a production environment. Setting all of this up for every project can be a pain though, and sometimes a team may choose to go without some of these services due to the setup time seeming to be not worth the effort.

Code2Cloud automates the setup of a task database, build server, SCM repository and documentation repository for a new project - as soon as you create your project, these services are provisioned for you. They are also integrated with one another, so that e.g. the build system automatically pulls changes from SCM, and the deployment system automatically pushes out the result of a successful build if so configured. The best part of all this? It uses open source services (Hudson, Git), and will itself be released as open source with an open development model based on Tasktop's experience with Eclipse Mylyn.

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Ryan Slobojan, Tasktop

Ryan Slobojan

Biography: Ryan Slobojan

Ryan Slobojan is a developer with Tasktop Technologies. At Tasktop, he works on a variety of tools and systems which make the lives of fellow developers much easier and less stressful. He has also been involved with for many years (including as its Chief Editor), and has seen the incredible value provided by a high-calibre DevOps team through his experience at RoundTrip Networks.

He has worked with a wide range of technologies, but considers Java to be his most in-depth area of knowledge, and has become impressed with the impact that Agile and Lean methodologies have upon the software development process.

He enjoys the dual challenges of working with new customers and new technologies, and is constantly scouring the technology landscape for new and interesting technologies which are being used.