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Presentation: "Using OData to create your web-api"

Track: .NET for experts / Time: Monday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Lille Sal, Musikhuset

This session will explore using OData ( to power your Web API. Given the trend towards the web as a platform, OData is often ideal for building Web APIs that are powerful, flexible and predictable. You’ll also learn how OData uses appropriate web-standards and idioms, and can be integrated with authentication protocols like OAuth 2.0. But perhaps most importantly you’ll see how OData can extend the reach of your Web API out to most major platforms and form factors, through its built-in support for both JSON and ATOM formats and most major development platforms.

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Alex James, Protocol Designer, authority on OData and dreamer

Alex James

Biography: Alex James

Alex is the Senior Program Manager on the OData team at Microsoft. He is responsible designing new features in the OData protocol and working with the OData community.

Prior to that Alex worked on the Entity Framework team for a couple of years, helping create the vastly improved v2.

Before joining Microsoft Alex created 2 object relational mappers, a relational file-system, dabbled in his own startup, and consulted for about 10 years, so he is something of a veteran in the data programmability space.

His vision is a world of devices and software that are simple enough even for his mum.

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