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Presentation: "Keynote: Applying Design Thinking and Complexity Theory in Agile Organizations"

Time: Wednesday 09:00 - 09:50 / Location: To be announced

Design thinking is emerging as a way to guide organizations in how to accept mystery and move through heuristics before moving to an algorithmic view of business. Complexity theory asks us to be intentional about the systems in which we find ourselves. By combining these two disciplines, you can begin to balance exploration and exploitation in how you create and sustain Agile adoptions in your teams, groups, and organizations.

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Jean Tabaka, Expert on team dynamics and lean thinking

Jean Tabaka

Biography: Jean Tabaka

Jean Tabaka, Agile Fellow with Rally Software, is continuing on her 30 year path of learning about software development principles, processes, and practices for people. She seeks a humane approach to bringing high value to our communities of creators and consumers. This has led her to move into Kanban and Lean approaches that reach beyond traditional Agile frameworks. She has also continued work in systems thinking and complexity theory. Jean holds a Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. She is the author of Collaboration Explained: Facilitation Skills for Software Project Leaders and a variety of articles on Agile, organizational change, team dynamics, Lean thinking, and other associated topics. Jean blogs at and can be followed on twitter as @jeantabaka. When home in Boulder, CO, she’d invite you over for some wine and some music while gazing across her backyard over a Flat Iron Mountains sunset. Meanwhile, you can find her at