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Presentation: "It's Fun to Share: Sharing Data and More Between Android Apps."

Track: Mobile / Time: Wednesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

The Macintosh debuted in 1984, and Windows 3.0 followed in 1990. The paradigms introduced by these operating systems defined our computing experience for over 20 years... Then Apple introduced the App Store.

Mobile applications finally offered a clean break from the past. The hierarchical file system - a concept many casual computer users never fully grasp - has been abstracted from the end user. Applications are individually sandboxed and isolated from each other for drastically improved security. But these advances come with obvious costs: How do we build apps that share data without an exposed file system? How do we play nicely with other applications if each one is isolated in its own sandbox?

This talk explores how to share functionality and data between applications on Android. It delves into Android Activities, Intents, and ContentProviders. Novice mobile developers will learn about the intriguing sharing scenarios Android enables. Experienced Android developers will learn how to enhance their applications to coordinate with each other and other third-party apps. iOS developers... well, iOS developers will learn what they're missing, because there is nothing like this in iOS!

Keywords: Mobile, Android, Data

Target Audience: Anyone interested in Android. This talk assumes familiarity with Java.

Abe White, Original author of Kodo JDO

Abe White

Biography: Abe White

Abe began his career in enterprise Java. He is the original author of Kodo JDO, which was acquired by BEA and open sourced as OpenJPA. Abe then switched focus and co-founded Lexcycle, where he led iPhone software development for Stanza, Lexcycle's award-winning electronic book reader. Since Amazon's acquisition of Lexcycle, Abe has continued to develop for mobile devices, making major contributions to the Kindle apps on both iOS and Android. Abe has also released his own iOS products.