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Presentation: "Eigenharp : Experiencing Music Differently (and what programmers can learn from it)"

Track: Interaction & Visualization / Time: Tuesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Kammermusiksalen, Musikhuset

The Eigenharp ( is one of the most awesome and expressive electronic instruments you're ever likely to play. It is one of the first electronic musical instruments that truly rivals traditional analogue instruments with respect to User Experience when playing - but more than that it provides new levels of opportunity through having a completely configurable UX through its software scripting language, Belcanto.

Designed and built by musicians, for musicians : there is much to be learned by programmers from it.

This session demonstrates some of the capabilities of the Eigenharp and explores how the hardware and software enable thinking and experiencing music in new ways. This session also reflects upon what we can learn from this when designing and building other hardware/software products.

John S Nolan is not associated with EigenLabs in an way except as a player of an Eigenharp - this is not a sales session! And he apologises in advance for the quality of the playing.

User Interface, UI, UX, Software Design, Eigenharp, Music

Target Audience:
Programmers who build software people use. Product managers. Musically inclined technologists. Musicians

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John Nolan, Turning the cutting edge into the bleeding edge (with the scars to prove it)

John Nolan

Biography: John Nolan

John Nolan has over 20 years of experience at the forefront of technology. His career has been about changing the cutting edge into the bleeding edge: applying the big ideas and making them practical. From technologies such as objects, distributed computing and smart-dust through to process innovations like change management and agile software delivery, John has always taken a hands-on, "let's make it work" approach - delivering in diverse domains from finance, advertising, engineering and telecoms.

John is currently an independent consultant working with a combination of large enterprises and start-ups. Amongst other things, John is an ACM Distinguished Engineer, a winner of a Royal Society prize for innovation and an international speaker on a variety of technology subjects.