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Presentation: "Becoming more comfortable with the idea of failure"

Track: Creating a Cool Company / Time: Monday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Kammermusiksalen, Musikhuset

The LEGO Group was founded 79 years ago in a time of recession, based on a vision that quality toys would always be a needed commodity, and that vision is still the backbone of the organization, and have formed the company into an award-winning innovation hub, with numerous successes in product launches. But there have also been financial recessions and failures, and the big question is whether you are willing to learn from your mistakes?

Get insights on how the LEGO Group have honed its innovation power, started listening to its consumers and have learned from failures.

Peter Espersen, Online community lead at Lego

Peter Espersen

Biography: Peter Espersen

Peter Espersen is the Online Community Lead for the LEGO Group focusing on the 13+ age group. Peter spearheads online community and social media, when engaging teen and adult fans of LEGO, and works closely with a wide range of business units across the company.

In the past, Peter has been the Country Manager for Sulake in Denmark and Norway. Sulake runs Habbo Hotel that has almost 12 million users worldwide. Previous to that, Peter has been the development manager of all digital platforms at Danish TV2 where he was responsible for developing the commercial possibilities.

Peter Speaks is a regular speaker at conferences within Communities, Social Media and Gaming in Denmark and abroad, and guest lectures at The University of Copenhagen, and the ESCP Program in London.

Twitter: @VirtualPeter

Community manager Steven Canvin, Lego

Community manager Steven Canvin

Biography: Community manager Steven Canvin

Steven Canvin started his career as a graphic artist and designer in 1989, working in the Danish and English pre-press industry, for clients in the advertising and printing industry, before moving over to doing graphics work in broadcasting, both for regional Danish TV stations and video production facilities.

In 1998, with the launch of the LEGO MINDSTORMS brand, Steven applied for a position at LEGO as Senior Concept Designer and got hired to follow up on the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® development, being involved in the full product development process, from ideation to production to marketing implementation, and became Design Manager for the design team until 2001 before moving on to working on other concept projects in the R&D department in the LEGO Group.

In 2007 he came back to the LEGO MINDSTORMS brand as Business Development Manager before taking up the position, in Fall 2007 as global Marketing Manager for the brand, based in the Billund, Denmark HQ.

Since Fall 2010 he has worked as the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community  Manager, interacting with and supporting the global community of fans. Steven lives with his wife and three children in Daugaard, Denmark.

Twitter: @StevenCanvin