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When: 11. Oct 2011 at 15:50 -


ScrumForum User Group Meeting

Speakers: Jean Tabaka & Dave Farley

Time: October 11, 2011, kl. 15.50 - 17.50 (registration starts at 15:30)

Place: Trifork A/S, Margrethepladsen 4, 8000 Aarhus C - see venue map here
(registration starts at 15:30 at the main entrance)

Contact: Jesper Boeg

Price: Free

Language: English

Come along and meet Jean Tabaka & Dave Farley who will share their experiences with Continuous Delivery

An excellent opportunity for all interested in Scrum to interact with speakers and other peers. Learn, share experiences and exchange ideas. Everybody is welcome, but space is limited, so sign up now. Come along to debate, learn, listen, shape, join in and network.

Dave Farley and Jean Tabaka will share their experiences with Continuous Delivery at this ScrumForum event. First, Dave will give an introduction to the tools and tricks needed to make it work and after that Jean Tabaka will tell the story about how Continuous Delivery changed how the entire business plans, executes and delivers software:

Dave Farley:
"My company, LMAX, adopted Continuous Delivery as the foundation for it's development process from it’s beginning back in 2007. Over that time we have evolved and developed a variety of tools and techniques that we rely on. We have tools that help us gain visibility into our deployment pipeline, tools to automate the complex deployment of an enterprise application and tools to help us write functional tests that are robust in the face of change. This discussion will use a description some of the tools and so use them to explore a Continuous Delivery approach to software development."

Jean Tabaka:
"In 2009, our Product and Engineering Group at Rally Software started moving to a "continuous flow" approach to software delivery. This was a change from our Scrum approach that had guided us since 2003. As we saw the value of continuous delivery of product features, our business started to note the value of this paradigm shift in general. In this talk, I'd like to discuss how our business has changed its practices as a result of learning from our Product and Engineering teams. We have dramatically changed how we plan, execute, and deliver."


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