Presentation: "The Mobile Imperative"

Track: MOBILE / Time: Monday 16:15 - 17:15 / Location: Filuren, Musikhuset

The number of computers that live in people's pockets, as opposed to on their desktops, is large and increasing rapidly.  Starting now, you can assume that if software doesn't work well for a mobile user, then it doesn't work well.  What are the implications of this for developers?  The talk will address programming models, user experience, platform fragmentation, and provide a snapshot of the mobile-market state of play in late 2010.
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Tim Bray, Father of XML - Uncle of Search Engines

Tim Bray

Biography: Tim Bray

Tim Bray co-edited the XML and XML namespace specifications. For a decade he was a distinguished Engineer and Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems, but now he works as "Developer Advocate" for Google, where he focuses on Android. 

Widely known for his standards work on XML and the Atom syndicationformat, at an age when many former developers have moved entirely intomanagement, he seems to have found a niche that takes advantage of his experience.

In 2001, Tim Bray wrote an article called Taxi to the Future for which proposed a means to improve web client user experience and web server system performance via a Transform-Aggregate-send XML-Interact architecture -- this proposed system is very similar to recently popularized Ajax paradigm.

In 2009 Tim Bray received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Guelph.

Portrait of Tim Bray