Presentation: "SaaS Provisioning - Building an efficient system in the cloud"

Track: TOOLS AND PERFORMANCE / Time: Monday 14:45 - 15:45 / Location: Lille Sal, Archauz

Today still a lot of service offerings are sold by a flat rate – all you can eat – subscription model. That’s simple to understand and simple to implement. But is it the right way to sell services? Especially if you could split off add-ons? When you watch companies growing in the cloud you see that tweaking your offering and finding the right business model becomes vital for building a successful business.
We have enabled companies in on-premise scenarios to achieve this during the last 25 years.
As we are moving into the cloud and start offering this flexibility to cloud companies (or yet to become cloud companies) we have gone through rebuilding our system for the cloud in the right way.

In this talk we want to share with you lessons learnt from building our cloud service.
We’ll start off with some fundamental properties of distributed systems and will analyze the impact on the offering. We’ll look at the requirements for such a system and will build an architecture to these requirements by including the fundamental mechanics of the cloud. By taking care of the CAP-theorem we’ll find the right decision to adapt the classical scenarios to the cloud.

: Cloud, SaaS, Architecture, Design, Case Studies, Provisioning, Java

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Michael "MiZu" Zunke, Director, Technologies and Architecture, SafeNet

Michael "MiZu" Zunke

Biography: Michael "MiZu" Zunke

-    In security technology for more than 15 years
-    Specialist in application security for licensing, protection against reverse engineering and automated technologies to integrate security paradigms into applications.
-    Several roles in this field: development, dev-lead, architect, now Director, Technologies and Architecture @ SafeNet’s Software Rights Management business unit, responsible for overall security architecture and innovation in the field of Software Security and Licensing.
-    Holds Diploma in Physic of Technical University of Munich. Focus on semiconductor physics.
-    Holder of several patents in the software security arena.