Presentation: "Invention in Software Development Techniques"

Track: MANAGEMENT IN AGILE SETTINGS / Time: Wednesday 11:30 - 12:30 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

In this talk you will learn to put software development techniques into their historical and social context. By knowing to what problem some popular (and not-so-popular) techniques are a response you will be better equipped to choose wisely which ones to use. You will also learn to recognise some of the history of development techniques. By recognising which have diffused out of the industrial and academic research labs where they were invented and into widespread practice when, maybe get a hint of what is coming next.
Keywords: Practices, tools
Target audience: Commerical Software Developers

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Keith Braithwaite, On a mission to rehabilitate the phrase "software engineering"

Keith Braithwaite

Biography: Keith Braithwaite

Keith Braithwaite is a Principle Consultant with Zuhlke Engineering, and leads their Center for Agile Practice in London. He provides Agile training, consultancy and mentoring to development teams in the wholesale finance and mobile telecoms industries.

Previously he was Head of Technology Solutions for the ASIA-PAC region of WDS Global, and co-authored the first published descriptions of successful distributed Agile based on his experience there. He is a frequent speaker at Agile conferences around the world.

Software passion: Making the right tradeoffs, at the right time, for the right reasons, and changing them as required.