Presentation: "Going Native"

Track: MOBILE / Time: Monday 11:30 - 12:30 / Location: Filuren, Musikhuset

The iPhone App Store has led to an explosion in mobile application development, and the iPad's release has only fanned the flames.  Existing enterprise applications are being retooled to work in conjunction with native mobile clients, while new applications that would traditionally have been destined for the web are being released for the iPhone instead.  Whether by choice or by necessity, many enterprise developers find themselves joining the mobile revolution.

This talk will compare enterprise Java and iPhone/iPad development. As mobile developers create increasingly sophisticated applications for increasingly capable hardware, they face many challenges familiar to enterprise programmers.  This presentation will examine how enterprise Java and the iPhone SDK approach issues such as application architecture, concurrency, latency vs. throughput, and memory management.  You will learn where the approaches are similar, and where they are radically different.  You will also be introduced to several problems unique to the iPhone and the mobile space.  

: Java, Enterprise, iPhone, iPad, Mobile

Target audience: Enterprise developers interested in iPhone/iPad development. Mobile developers interested in how the iPhone SDK in particular handles common programming challenges.

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Abe White, Successful iPhone application developer, creator of OpenJPA

Abe White

Biography: Abe White

Abe began his career in enterprise Java.  He is the original author of Kodo JDO, which was acquired by BEA and open sourced as OpenJPA. Abe then switched focus and co-founded Lexcycle, where he led iPhone software development for Stanza, Lexcycle's award-winning electronic book reader. Since Amazon's acquisition of Lexcycle last year, Abe has continued to develop for the iPhone and iPad, contributing to Kindle for iPad and releasing his own iPhone and iPad products.
Software passion: Putting the user first