Presentation: "Continuous Deployment and DevOps: Deprecating Silos"

Track: TOOLS AND PERFORMANCE / Time: Monday 13:30 - 14:30 / Location: Lille Sal, Archauz

In this session, we’ll run a retrospective on our efforts to break down organizational barriers with continuous deployment and other DevOps goodness. We’ll talk about what we have done with tools and practices like CI and build pipelines, Puppet and Yum. We’ll also address some puzzles we have encountered such as massive data deployments to many global data centres, and replacing silos with cross-functional teams in a complex, evolving environment.

Keywords: DevOps, silos, collaboration, continuous deployment, release management, RPM, Yum, Puppet, continuous integration, build pipeline, data deployment

Target Audience: Developers, operations engineers, managers, architects

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Josh Devins, Software Architect, Nokia

Josh Devins

Biography: Josh Devins

Josh is a Software Architect working in Nokia's Location services unit in Berlin, Germany. As a group they are responsible for location-based services such as Ovi Maps on the web and device. Prior to Nokia, he worked primarily as a Java developer and Jira monkey at a number of internet companies ranging from ecommerce startups to online gambling (and no, the games are not rigged). Josh holds a BSc in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada.
Software passion: Simplicity and efficiency.
Twitter: joshdevins

Tom Sulston, Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks UK

Tom Sulston

Biography: Tom Sulston

Tom Sulston works for ThoughtWorks in London. He is a consultant in the build and release space and loves the whole DevOps thing. He has previously spoken at Agile and XP conferences on continuous integration tools & build pipeline practices. Tom lives in Geneva and spends too much time in airports.