Workshop: "Collaboration Works! Facilitation Skills for Agile Teams"

Track: TRAINING: AGILE FRIDAY / Time: Friday 09:00 - 12:00 / Location: Trifork 1

Collaboration happens when all members of a group or team share a common purpose, enjoy mutual trust, and use agreed-upon approaches for their work. A well-tuned team operates like a jazz ensemble—multiple instruments playing a single theme inventively, generously, and skillfully. This kind of teamwork doesn’t just happen. Teams don’t just form and jell automatically. How, then, can team members encourage real collaboration? 

This experience based workshop teaches effective facilitation skills and collaboration patterns that help agile teams collaborate better. Participants will learn how to recognize, reward, and exploit collaboration to enhance the quality and efficiency of their development efforts. 
You will learn: 
  • Key differentiators between traditional (competitive) vs. collaborative teams 
  • The need for group norms, and practical ways to establish healthy norms 
  • A repeatable pattern for working with walls in groups Effective ways to handle “conflict” and “difficult” behavior in teams 
  • How to integrate healthy collaboration into agile practices such as team chartering, iteration planning, and retrospectives
Keywords: Facilitation, coach, collaboration, workshop, team, conflict, teamwork, planning, retrospective, meeting, collaboration pattern, agile, charter, groups, norms
Target Audience: This training will benefit everyone who is a facilitative leader on an agile team. This role can be played by any member of an agile development team: scrum masters, project leaders team facilitators, business analysts, subject matter experts, requirements engineers, architects, developers and designers, user interface/experience experts, agile project managers, and coaches

Ellen Gottesdiener, An internationally recognized agile coach and trainer

Ellen Gottesdiener

Biography: Ellen Gottesdiener

Principal Consultant and Founder Ellen Gottesdiener is an internationally recognized facilitator, coach, trainer, author, speaker, and expert on requirements development, product chartering, retrospectives, agile requirements, and collaborative workshops. As an agile coach and trainer, Ellen helps teams elicit, analyze, and deliver "just enough", "just in time" requirements to achieve product goals. Ellen delivers training, facilitation, and consulting services globally. 

Author of two acclaimed books (Requirements by Collaboration and The Software Requirements Memory Jogger), Ellen delivers training, facilitation, and consulting services globally; speaks at industry conferences; writes articles, blogs, and tweets; and is an IIBA (BABOK™) expert reviewer and contributor to the (in progress) agile-Extension.  

Software passion: I’m passionate about business and technical teams collaborating to build the right product at the right time; about requirements-driven planning, using retrospectives continually to transparently improve product and process; and about the never-ending journey of learning and discovery that is our life and work.