Presentation: "Beyond peer-to-peer data grids with Infinispan Servers"

Track: TOOLS AND PERFORMANCE / Time: Monday 10:15 - 11:15 / Location: Lille Sal, Archauz

In this session, Infinispan developer Galder Zamarreño will:
  • Provide a brief introduction to peer-to-peer and client/server architectures.
  • Describe the benefits of using Infinispan in a client/server mode, particularly in cloud-style environments.
  • Introduce the audience to Infinispan’s selection of server modules that provide varied access methods: REST and WebSocket for HTTP access, Memcached protocol access and Hot Rod, Infinispan’s very own highly efficient binary protocol which supports smart-clients.
  • Demonstrate an Infinispan client/server example showing how geographically separated Infinispan data grids could be linked together via Hot Rod client/server modules in order to provide different disaster recovery strategies.

Keywords: Data grids, cache servers, p2p vs client/server, wide area data replication
Target Audience: Architects and developers

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Galder Zamarreño, JBoss Core R&D Engineer, Redhat

Galder Zamarreño

Biography: Galder Zamarreño

Galder Zamarreño is a JBoss Core R&D Engineer working for Red Hat. In his current role, he's part of the Infinispan project development team where he's building next generation, distributed data grid software. Galder has previously worked with JBoss customers helping them build highly distributed and massively scalable Application Server clusters based on technologies such as JGroups and JBoss Cache. Prior to joining Red Hat, Galder worked in the Retail industry where he was a software developer involved in the development of an EFT sofware switch solution based on JBoss technologies. The love for distributed systems and open source software comes from his days at ESIDE faculty at University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain) where he studied a master's degree in Computer Science.