When: 6. Oct 2009 at 00:00 -


JAOO Geek Night:

Danish Ruby Brigade

Meet Sam Aaron and all the local Ruby dudes

Time: October 6, 2009, 17.30 - 19.30 


Sam Aaron will present “Communicative Programming” and will also show how to make music with external hardware with help from Ruby. Sam explains about “Communicative Programming”:

One way of considering Communicative Programming is as a particular strategy towards the more general goals of Aesthetic Programming. The chief facet being to treat programming as a form of communication. It's important to see this as a superset of readability - obviously improving readability is one way of improving the ability to communicate but there are many other approaches too. In seeing programming as a form of communication we're really seeing it in its simplest form - that of using languages to share information.

Communicative Programming aims to make the following kinds of improvement (although it's not limited to this set):

Conceptual efficiency (I believe conceptual efficiency is at least as important as computational efficiency), Readability (the ability to read the code), Talkability (the ability to talk about the program with other members of the team), Explainability (the ability to quickly and easily introduce a new member of the team to the concepts), Thinkability (the ability to think about the program and concepts).

Essentially, I believe programming not to be just the ability to get a computer to do something but as a method for exploring and solving problems individually or in a team through a shared (set of) language(s).

All Ruby dudes are welcome.

Light meal and drinks available ;-)



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